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Finally Curb Your Cravings and Control Your Addiction

WillpowerX is on the market because we want to help you. We have seen our clients and their loved ones struggle with their debilitating addiction and it’s painful to watch. We may not have seen you or met you personally but we want to relieve your pain. We are sure that you know the vicious cycle of your addiction very well and we want you to finally get out of this vicious cycle.

Do you want to know what you can do to manage your addiction? Imagine there is something that could really help you. Let us introduce you to WillpowerX.


Change Your Life With WillpowerX

WillpowerX is a revolutionary food supplement that aids in controlling your addiction. How is this possible you ask?

Our product is specially developed to increase your energy levels to give you willpower and more control over your addiction. The usual cravings won’t be an issue as the ingredients change certain neurotransmitters in your body.


WillpowerX contains potent natural ingredients

Nobody else has these ingredients in this combination and strength. The result is: it works! Not just in theory but in reality. We’ve seen it over and over again.

Every bottle of WillpowerX has 120 capsules. We recommend that you take at least 4 capsules a day.

You have a very important decision to make now. You can continue your poor lifestyle…but how is that going to work? How will your life be if you don’t get your addiction under control now?

About Us

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Why Should You Listen To Us?

WillpowerX addiction specialist

We are psychotherapists and most of our clients, just like you, were struggling with some form of addiction. We noticed that ALL of our clients who suffer from addiction experienced severe trauma in their childhood.

These unresolved childhood issues drove them to find relief from their trauma that later lead them to be addicted to their “temporary relief”. It can be a very long process to resolve these traumata, so we looked for a way to stabilize our clients so that they would not relapse during this process.

What We Discovered

Willpowerx addiction medicine

Through our thorough research, we found out that relieving them from their negative emotional state and boosting their energy reduced their “cravings”. By studying our clients even more, we came to the conclusion that there is a strong link between energy and addiction.

We know this for a fact. Years of research, observation, and counseling with our clients lead us to this important discovery today. We felt our clients’ pain and frustrations as they struggled with their addiction. We understood what they were going through. We understand you too.

We Can Help

WillpowerX addiction treatment

We know of your difficulties, fears, and aspirations. Fortunately, help is here for you.

Many will tell you just to grab any option available on the market and try it out. What they failed to tell you is that those options don’t really work like you expect them to. You might waste your time in trying programs or products that don’t work instead of going for something that ACTUALLY DOES what it’s supposed to do – to manage your addiction!

We know what you are going through, so we are more than happy to help you to set your life back on track.


Our Awesome Ingredients

Goji berry or wolfberry is a berry that is originally from China. These berries are consumed in Asia because of the belief that these help people live longer. There’s no wonder in that since goji berries carry a variety of health perks.

One study on healthy adults who were asked to orally take the berries showed that consuming the berries caused improvements in the adult’s general wellbeing in a matter of 15 days. They were more energetic, mentally alert and focused, cooler and calmer, and got better sleep at night. (source)

One of the many effects of high blood glucose levels is retinal pigment impairment. In a study, data shows that goji berry extract treat retinal impairment caused by high blood glucose levels by controlling the sugar levels in the blood. (source)

The amino acid glutamine is naturally produced by our body. You can also get your glutamine dose from dairy products such as milk and cheese, beef, pork, fish, and chicken. This vital amino acid is needed by the body for many reasons. Two of which are higher energy level and blood glucose level management.

Muscle and body fatigue, and low energy levels are the results of too much ammonia in blood. In a study conducted, data on athletes showed that glutamine supplementation decrease ammonia levels in the blood therefore giving the athletes better performance and higher energy levels. (source)

As for blood glucose management, a study showed that L-glutamine administration to patients stopped further damage in blood sugar management in rats. (source)

Theanine, or sometimes called L-Theanine, is an amino acid that can be obtained naturally from green tea. This natural ingredient benefits our health in several ways.

A study conducted on 98 boys ages 8 to 12 years old with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder proved that Theanine is effective in improving sleep quality. The subjects were given L-theanine tablets two times a day for six weeks and the results were fantastic. In conclusion, 400mg of this amino acid per day is safe and effective for getting quality sleep. (source)

Apart from improving sleep, theanine also reduces psychological and physiological stress responses. This was verified in a study done on twelve participants who were asked to do mental calculations showed effects of lessened stress. (source)

Rhodiola rosea or the Golden root comes from Siberia and Northwestern China. This herb is known to induce antidepressant effect by increasing the body’s chemicals responsible for moods. Based on a study, students who were asked to consume its extract during exam period showed physical and mental improvement despite being subjected to stressful situation (e.g exam). (source)

This herb works as an energy booster too. When treated with rhodiola rosea, rats’ intense swimming period was extended as a result of rapid restoration of cells. (source)

You can find several uses for lithium orotate. One example is sleep regulator. One study about lithium salts showed that lithium helps manage the circadian rhythm. This rhythm acts as our body clock and influences eating and sleeping patterns. (source)

Lithium orotate is also said to alleviate stress and promote emotional wellbeing. According to an investigation in Oita, Japan, the lithium content in the prefecture’s tap water aided in reducing suicide rates. (source)

Shilajit is largely found in central Asia and is said to have many perks. Energy replenishment is one of those benefits. In one study, rats were forced to swim for 15 minutes for 21 straight days to induce chronic fatigue syndrome. They were treated with shilajit and it was found that the effects of stress were lessened. (source)

You can count on shilajit if you want to manage your blood glucose levels. A study on albino rats that were given alloxan monohydrate to induce diabetes proves so. The rats were provided with shilajit only, and diabetic medicine and shilajit combination. The data proves that shilajit is helpful in managing blood glucose levels. (source)

Broccoli, liver, and potatoes are some of the many good sources of the antioxidant alpha lipoic acid (ALA). What makes this antioxidant necessary?

According to a research conducted in University of California at Berkeley, alpha lipoic acid is vital in energy generation in the cell. Cells will not be able to use sugar for making energy in the absence of alpha lipoic acid. (source)

Another study on 12 type 2 diabetes patients showed that ALA consumption showed improvement in blood glucose level control. This is made possible as ALA helped in converting sugar to energy. (source)

Milk thistle is from Mediterranean areas. They are mainly used to protect the liver from diseases, and to cleanse the body. We utilize this flowering herb to effectively manage blood sugar level.

A study in Iran involving 51 type 2 diabetes adults with ages 40 to 60 showed that this is true. The subjects consumed milk thistle extract tablets and data revealed that blood glucose levels were stabilized because of this supplementation. (source)

Thiamin or more commonly referred to as vitamin B1 can be found in nuts, sunflower seeds, wheat bread, and more. One of the many perks of consuming this B vitamin is better sleep quality. 80 randomly selected healthy Irish women who took thiamin supplements were found to have increased appetite, boosted energy, and lessened fatigue. Also, sleep quality was improved therefore making the participants healthier. (source)

Thiamin also increases energy and lessens fatigue. This was observed on rats that were forced to swim with weights loaded on them. (source)

Zinc citrate is generally used in toothpastes to impede formation of plaque. In our case, we use this element to prevent depression.

A study where patients took zinc supplement with antidepressant drug showed promising results as changes in mood were observed on the subjects. (source)

Magnesium is a known mineral that is abundantly found in our body. It has a myriad of benefits and one of which is promoting better sleep. It is natural for the elders to experience insomnia, and intermittent sleep. To prove magnesium’s efficacy, a group of elderly consumed 500mg of magnesium everyday for 8 weeks. After which, improvements were seen on insomnia and sleeping times of those who took the supplement. (source)

Magnesium also works as a competent blood sugar regulator. This was proven when a study was carried on type 2 diabetes participants who took magnesium supplements. (source)

Niacin or vitamin B3 can be acquired from tuna, chicken, salmon, peanuts, shrimps, and brown rice. Niacin, like the other B vitamins, is involved in producing energy.

According to a study, niacin increases the body’s glutathione supply. By doing so, mitochondria are revitalized and cells are energy-packed therefore helping the body function properly and active all day. (source)

Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 can be found in shiitake mushrooms, avocado, sweet potates, lentils, and yogurt.

This B vitamin proves to be very important in energy production. In a study, it was found that it raises glutathione levels thereby helping the cells produce more energy that the body needs. (source)

Riboflavin is known for its famous moniker vitamin B2. You can get this B vitamin from Soybeans, spinach, yogurt, and eggs. Bright yellow urine is an indication that you have too much riboflavin in your supplement or food.

Riboflavin is essential in producing energy. In a research, it was revealed that riboflavin is needed by aerobic cells for energy production. Aerobic cells are cells that need oxygen to function and to generate energy. (source)

Fish and potatoes are rich in vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine. This B vitamin helps combat heart diseases and turns food into energy. In addition, pyridoxine may relieve people off depression.

A study in Falsenstein Medical Research Center showed that schizophrenic patients who were taking 150mg of pyridoxine with anti psychotic drugs for 4 straight weeks presented great progress. (source)

Piperine, an extract from black pepper, is said to help the body absorb nutrients and enhance the immune system. Apart from those, it also fights off stress. This is based on a study conducted on mice that were subjected to chronic mild stress by depriving them with food and water. (source)

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$79per bottle
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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the + sign to know the answers to the frequently asked questions.

You can start taking WillpowerX as soon as possible or as soon as you have decided on a quit date.

The whole reason why you are taking WillpowerX is to control and ultimately stop your addiction, right?  You can use WillpowerX to base your quit plan on and to ease you off your addiction.

Trying to recover on your own takes a lot of willpower and not everyone has that.  Your addictions will be difficult to resist if you rely on just your willpower alone.  Fortunately, WillpowerX can supply you with that and more.  In short, you need this type of supplement to aid you in your recovery process.

You can take four (4) capsules per day or as directed by your physician.  But if you are not feeling better after two weeks or if the craving is very heavy, then you should take up to eight (8) capsules per day.

Ideally, you should at least take the supplement for three (3) to six (6) months as it works on a long-term base.  But you can take WillpowerX as long as you want to ensure the success of your recovery.

Yes, it has one possible side effect which is the niacin flush.    Niacin flush is the result of the increase blood flow in the body caused by the niacin content of the supplement.  You will experience a warm and tingly feeling, and your skin will temporarily redden.  However, this effect will only last for 5 minutes and this seldom happens.  This is a very rare side effect though as WillpowerX has low niacin content.  Do not worry about the flush as this is something that is very, very healthy.  Most people will not go through the niacin flush too so there’s nothing to be scared of.  In addition, you will only experience niacin flush if you take the supplement on an empty stomach.

Yes.  WillpowerX can be taken to address problems regarding different forms of addiction.

Keep calm and don’t beat yourself up too much just because of a slip up.  Relapses happen most especially when you try so hard to stop your cravings and addiction.  Just keep taking WillpowerX according to the instructions indicated and carry on with your quit plan.

Pregnant or nursing mothers should consult a physician first before taking the supplement to avoid any complications.  However, the risks to your baby from this supplement are not yet known.

Please talk to your physician if you have any known medical conditions before consuming this supplement.

The withdrawal symptoms you will experience from quitting your addiction might affect your body’s way of absorbing the medications.  Please do talk to your doctor if you are already taking other medications.

As the label already instructed, please keep this supplement out of reach from children (or pets).  Please get professional help right away in case of accidental intake or consumption.

No, there is no sugar in WillpowerX.

WillpowerX does not contain shellfish, egg, fish, peanut, tree nut, yeast, wheat, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, preservatives, soy, or artificial flavor that might cause allergic reactions to anyone who consumes it.

Yes, WillpowerX does not contain gluten.

You need to be at least 18 years old to consume WillpowerX.

WillpowerX is enclosed in a veggie capsule so vegetarians can safely consume this without any worries.

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